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China Manufacturer of Corn Oil Machine

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China Manufacturer of Corn Oil Machine

Huatai provides professional corn germ oil pressing, oil extraction, oil refining, conveyor, corn milling processing line with reliable service and quality.


Corn Germ Oil Machine

Oil Processing

Oil is discharged from the germ with a heated screw press that produces as much as 50% of the germ oil. The remainder oil is recovered from the press cake by using a solvent to dissolve and distill it.

Solvent Extraction

The corn oil dissolved in the hexane solvent is heated to evaporate the volatile solvent, which is recovered as a condensate and reused in the corn production process. The oils recovered from the hexane solvent and the heat expelled in the condensation process are combined to produce crude corn oil, while the remainder cake is processed into livestock feed. (Solvent Extraction Machine for sale)

Crude Corn Oil Refining

Crude corn oil is separated from the pressed cake using a filter and then degummed (Oil Refinery Plant). The corn oil filtrate is then bleached using clay activated through acid wash to eliminate any metals found in clay. A bushel of corn on average comprises 1.55 pounds of corn oil that accounts for 2.8 percent of its weight.

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