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Henan Huatai Oil Machinery Will Attend CHINA MACHINEX£¨KAZAKHSTAN£©

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Henan Huatai Oil Machinery Will Attend CHINA MACHINEX£¨KAZAKHSTAN£©

In November 2014, henan huatai in kazakhstan China industrial stand for the first time, Henan huatai cereals and oil machinery co., LTD. Grease opened the northern Asia market, at last year’s show, we visit the old customers, is met more new customers, Henan huatai cereals and oil machinery co., LTD., provides the most efficient high quality service for the customer,Standing in the customer’s point of view, by customer satisfaction.This year our company exports oil machine to Russia, uzbekistan, tajikistan, kazakhstan and other countries, which Russia yekaterinburg company 500 tons of rapeseed oil extraction equipment has been installation and debugging success, into the normal operating state.Henan huataicereals and oils machinery co., LTD to develop oil international modernization goals, commitment to high-tech research and development oil machinery, and the latest scientific research achievements into productivityquickly, achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.In recent years, our company vigorously exploit oil machinery overseas markets, among them, palm fruit deep processing equipment, palm kernel oil extraction machine,complete sets of coconut oil production equipment and dry coconut oil refining and fractionation machine have been exported to southeast Asia and Africa more, such as sunflower oil press, cottonseed dephenolization protein machinery, canola oil and tea seed oil extraction machinery, high cooked oil refining machinery received welcome from overseas customers.Henan huatai cereals and oils machinery co., LTD has successively won 22 national patents, the international 6 items,2 countries in item 2, provincial awards.Products sell well in more than 30 domestic provinces and exported to Bolivia, Sudan, kazakhstan, tajikistan, uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries andregions, has now developed into a large oil machinery manufacturing base in China.

If you are interested in oil machine and grain processing machinery,welcome to visit our stand:Exhibition Name: CHINA MACHINEX£¨KAZAKHSTAN£©Exhibition Time: 11.25-11.27,2015Exhibition Address: Atakent Exhibition Centre£¬42, Timiryasev Str., 480057 Almaty, Almaty Kazakhstan Henan huatai stand: C213-214 oil extraction machine

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