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High Grade peanut seed oil expeller

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High Grade peanut seed oil expeller

industrial Oil Presses – Cold/Hot Press Machines for all kind of seeds and nuts etc.The processing equipment to extract peanut oil includes Peanut Sheller, Peanut Cleaning Sieve, and Peanut Screw Oil Press. Peanut screw oil press mainly consists of feeder, gearbox, pressing chamber, and oil receiver. Its working process is that peanut is pressed by high pressure for oil, and then through the vacuum filter, the filtered oil finally coming out is clean.

peanut oil expeller
As a professional manufacturer of oil press machinery in China, we offer you top quality edible oil expeller machines and oil refining plants. We can also offer you complete oil production line for kinds of raw materials. Our Sales team is ready to give you a best edible oil production solution.

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