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Machine for Isolated Soy Protein and Process

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Machine for Isolated Soy Protein and Process

Isolated soybean proteins, or soybean protein isolates as they are also called, are the most concentrated form of commercially available soybean protein products. They contain over 90% protein, on a moisture free basis.

Henan Huatai oil machine is a full service custom Protein machine manufacturer.

isolated soy protein process


protein making machinery

Quality of soy protein:

1 finished soy protein powder moisture: 10% or less;

2 finished soy protein powder residue solvent: 500 mg/kg or less (detonation test);

3 finished carbohydrate dense residual solvent: 100 mg/kg or less (detonation test);

4 carbohydrate dense solid impurity content: 0.5% or less:

5 Soy protein powder dry base protein content: 65% or higher.

Consumption Indicators of Defatted Soy Protein Flour Production Line :

1. The steam workshop: 3 t/t or less soybean meal (8 to 10 kilograms of saturated steam and superheated steam slightly more);

2. The plant power consumption: 280 KWH/h or less soybean meal;

3. The workshop water consumption: 1.1 t/t or less low temperature soybean meal;

4. The CIP cleaning alkali: 50 kg/month

5. Compressed air: 6 kg or more, the consumption of 3.5 Nm3 / min.

6. Alcohol consumption: 13 kg/t or less large soybean meal;

7. Antifoaming agent consumption: 15 kg/day.

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