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Crude Oil Refinery Section

Crude Oil Refinery SectionOil Refining workshop main process: Decolorization, dewaxing, deacidification and deodorization. Mixed oil through oil refining plant to get the final product, edible standard or industrial standard. Oil Refining workshop technology : full
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Oil Solvent Extraction System

Oil Extraction SystemOil extraction section main section: oil extraction system, desolventizing and toasting system, evaporation system and condensation system. Main theory is to use appropriate solvent extract oil from oilseeds embryo, then remove the solvent
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Oilseeds Pretreatment Section

Oilseeds Pretreatment SectionOilseeds Pretreatment section foundation treatment process: Cleaning , crushing, softening, flaking, cooking and pre-press. Oilseeds Pretreatment section is the most important part of oil processing equipment, oilseeds pretreatment equipmen
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Palm Oil Mill Plant

Palm Oil Mill PlantOur palm oil mill plant is designed for African conditions, feature a combination of imported special purpose machinery from Malaysia, together with local inputs such as buildings, steelworks, structures, tanks, vessels, etc. We have enough
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