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Oilseeds Cold Press Pretreatment Equipment

Oilseeds Cold Press Pretreatment EquipmentCold press is suitable for high added-value oilseeds. Such as grape seed, camellia seed, walnut, almond, flaxseed, etc. Cold press has advantages of low oil temperature when pressing, light color, abundant nutrients, small protein damage, s
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Strong-flavor Oil Pretreatment Equipment

Strong-flavor Oil Pretreatment EquipmentThe best production technology of flavor oil is adopting physical pressing method. Flavor oil is made through sorting, steam-cooking, physical pressing, freezing, sedimentation and filtration. Processing capacity: 10-1000T/D Oilseeds range:
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Rice Bran Extrusion Section

Rice Bran Extrusion SectionOil-content of rice bran is 14%-24%, it is a low oil-content oil materials. Compared with other oilseeds, it has the following characteristics: High starch content, variety of enzymes, easy to rancidity£»Containing lecithin, bran wax and o
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