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Prief Introduce for Solvent of Oil Extraction Process

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Prief Introduce for Solvent of Oil Extraction Process


Usually, the solvent used for oil extraction has two main requirements :a,obtain high yield ;b, obtain the highest oil yield and finished meal after oil extraction. Other requirements is thatto try to avoid the harmful effects of solvents on the human body, to ensure safety in production operations.

1, There is a good solubility for oil; the solvent used should be able to fully and swiftly dissolve oil and oil can be dissolved with each other in any ratio; insoluble or less soluble oils in fat-soluble substances, butcan not dissolve the oil in the other Non-oil components.

2, Chemically stable; the higher the chemical purity solvents as possible. The solvent in the storage and transport, heating or leaching condensation process in various processes, no decomposition, polymerization and otherchemical changes caused by chemical composition and properties of the solvent changes, the oil does not react chemically with any component.

3, Easy with oil and meal separation; solvent can be sufficiently volatile from oil or meal at a lower temperature. It should have a stable and suitable boiling point, low heat capacity, latent heat of evaporation is small,easy to recycle, and the water-immiscible and not form an azeotropic mixture with water.

4, Good safety performance; whether it is solvent liquid, solvent gas or a mixture of gas and water vapor in the solvent vapor, operators should be harmless to health.

5, Environmentally friendly; Solvent modern technology industrial products, many solvents have a negative impact on the environment or atmosphere, or even irreversible impact.The solvent should be broad sources; supply solvent extraction should be able to meet the needs of large-scale industrial production, low cost solvent, adequate sources, in particular to pay attention to utilization of resources on Earth, can not compete with the resources to survive.oil extraction processsolvent of oil extraction


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