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Technology Process Of Crude Sunflower Oil Extraction

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Technology Process Of Crude Sunflower Oil Extraction

Sunflower seed oil, light yellow,oil clear transparent after sunflower oil dewaxing, taste light without stimulation, widely used in cooking, frying, salad dressings and margarine. sunflower seed oil is a kind of high nutritional value of vegetable oil, sunflower seed kernel contains chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, phenolic acid compounds, they are prone to oxidation to formUnable to digest the nutrients, so when making sunflower protein need to solve the problem of the removal of chlorogenic acid, etc.

Technology process of Crude sunflower seed oil : sunflower seeds cleaning – shelling and shell kernel separation – kernel – flaking – cooking – prepressing – oil extraction by solvent – crude sunflower oil.

Henan huatai sunflower oil extraction machine have sent to many countries in the world.Our sunflower oil extraction machine capapcity is 20-2000T/D,we have the top quality and common quality,our engineer can design the technologyprocess according to the needs and budget of customers.

crude sunflower oil extractioncrude sunflower oil extraction machine


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