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Oil Filter

Brief intro: 

Oil FilterAn equipment of oil filter.

Filter is mainly used for filter pressing oil and decoloring oil, is also suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries such as the separation of liquid and solid. Main features: low labor intensity, the filtered oil is of good quality and low rate of residual oil in filter cake, unloading oil residue convenient and fast, good environmental health, high automation level, etc. Oil filter is ideal filter equipment. of large and medium-sized oil plant.

Model Filter zream2 Maximum working pressure MPa Dirt percentage %  Diameter mm
YMLL12 12 0.45 ≤0.1 900
YMLL20 20 0.45 ≤0.1 1000
YMLL30 30 0.45 ≤0.1 1200
YMLL36 36 0.45 ≤0.1 1300
YMLL50 50 0.45 ≤0.1 1500
YMLL60 60 0.45 ≤0.1 1500

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