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Cottonseed oil production line

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Cotton seed oil production line


Cottonseed oil making process usually uses Cottonseed Oil Press Machine, Cottonseed Oil Extraction Machine and Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine. The follow picture is a detail introduction about cottonseed oil pretreatment and pressing process.

Cottonseed oil, as its name implies, is the oil squeezed from cotton seeds. The color of cottonseed oil is a little darker red than other edible oils. Cottonseed oil has many functions and functions because it contains a lot of fatty acids that our body needs. Cottonseed oil is most suitable for matching with animal fat.

Cottonseed oil making process usually uses Cottonseed Oil Press Machine, Cottonseed Oil Extraction Machine and Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine.

Cotton seed oil solvent extraction plant

The main steps of Cotton seed oil solvent extraction

Pre-pressing & solvent extraction method is a common oil making method in our country at present, and this method is also applied to other high oil content materials. The latest progress of cottonseed oil processing technology is the use of the extruder. The extruded material then goes through solvent extraction, which simplifies processing technology, and reduces the loss of solvent, reduces residual oil in meal, and improves the feeding property of cottonseed meal. The extracted oil meal contains 0.10% to 0.20% free gossypol, which is only half of the pre-pressed cottonseed material.

The solvent contain wet meal that from the extractor are sent to the DTDC desolventizer’s pre-desolventizing layer by scraper through air locker, the bottom is heated by indirect steam to remove part of solvent; then the pre-desolventized wet meal get into the desolventizing layer, there are automatic control on the desolventizing layer to keep certain thickness of materials, then the bottom gets into the direct steam to remove all the solvent, at same time some steam condense in the meal, the moisture content of meal will sectional rise.

Cotton seed oil refining plant

The main steps of Cotton seed oil refining

As this cotton seed oil refining technology is to deacidify the mixture of oils and solvents, therefore all devices must be sealed and explosion-proof, and must be constructed inside the solvent extraction plant. In order to prevent the solvent gas leakage from bringing safety hazard, usually the centrifugal machine adopts nitrogen seal design, so that its internal is filled with nitrogen and isolate from oxygen to improve safety.

The key point of mixed cottonseed oil refining is to control the concentration of cottonseed oil mixture. The best concentration is 65% ~ 70%: the acid-base concentration and the added quantity can be determined by raw material phospholipid content and free fatty acid content. the alkali solution concentration used in mixed oil alkali refining is lower than that used in conventional alkali refining, generally 11% ~ 14%; the reaction temperature cannot exceed the boiling point of the solvent, control at 55~ 60℃; acid reaction time is generally 15~ 20 min, alkali reaction time is relatively longer, general control at 1~ 2h. All the parameters can be adjusted according to the actual color of the oil.

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