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Frequently asked questions about our factory and product?

Why choose Huatai?

Huatai machinery has developed projects including large scale oilseed pretreatment and pressing, oil extraction, oil refining and oil fractionation production line project,conveyor equipment project,corn/maize flour, grits, germ milling machines and corn processing lines,biodiesel technology,cottonseed, rice bran and soybean protein technology, and Palm Oil processing lines,etc.

  • 1. Strenth Factory, speciallized in grains & oils for over 60 years
  • 2. Research and Development Center
  • 3. Strict quality control system
  • 4. Many certificates and honors
  • 5. Rich experience of large overseas projects
  • 6. Thoughtful & Considerate after-sale Service

A: We are a foreign trade factory with export qualification and have exported products to more than 60 countries.

A: We produce Oilseeds Pretreatment, Oil Extraction, Oil Refinery Equipment, Milling Machine and other related Grain and oil processing equipment.

A: Based on our strength R&D support, we can handle all kinds of the oilseeds, Palm fruit, Coconut, Soybean, Rapeseed, Cotton Seed, Sunflower seed, Peanut, Corn germ, Rice Bran, Sesame, Walnut etc.

A: Yes, we have rich experience in large EPC turnkey service, and we can provide EPC Turnkey Service Overseas.

A: We have already sold our products in over 1 hundred contries all over the world. Our main markets include India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, German, Brazil, German, Poland, Iran, India, Dubai, Dominican, Cuba, South Africa etc.

A: Accordding to the requirement of different customers, we will provide the most suitable solution for you.

A: Our Overseas Business Dept. locate in Zhengzhou City, so you can fly to Xinzheng International Airport, then we’ll pick you up.

A:The cost of building a medium-sized edible oil refinery Business includes many aspects, among which the cost of oil refining equipment is only one factor.

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