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Rice bran oil seed processing lineRice bran oil production line

Rice bran oil is extracted from the rice cortex and germ with the most concentrated nutrition. It is rich in nutrients and has a relatively balanced fatty acid composition. Rice bran oil also contains rich Ve, complex lipids, phospholipids, triene tocopherol, squalene, phytosterol (5%), oryzanol (0.5%) and several dozens of natural bioactive components.

Rice bran oil mill plant includes pretreatment, extraction and refining process to get edible oil. Rice bran is the by-product of rice milling, the oil contents are different due to the different varieties and difference in the number of inclusions in rice bran, which is usually 12% – 20%.

Rice bran oil pretreatment plantThe main steps of rice bran pretreatment

Rice bran→magnetic separation, floury product separation→softening and conditioning→rice bran puffing→drying and cooling→ the extraction process.

Pretreatment mainly includes cleaning process, expanding process, drying process.

Cleaning process: Adopt the magnetic separation removing iron miscellaneous and vibration sieve removing broken clear, broken rice, etc.


Rice bran oil solvent extraction plantThe main steps of rice bran oil solvent extraction

There are four big parts in solvent extraction workshop.They are solvent system, desolventizing system, condensing system and recycling system. We can get rapeseed wet meal and crude rapeseed oil.Rapeseed wet meal can be as animal feed, crude rapeseed oil contains solid impurity, chemical impurity and smelly odour etc. So crude rapeseed oil can go to next refinery workshop.

Rice bran oil refining plantThe main steps of rice bran oil refining

Rice bran crude oil→phosphoric acid degumming→ washing and drying→ dewaxing→ decoloring→ physical deacidification and deodorization→ degreasing→ refined oil

Characteristics of rice bran oil processing technologyHenan Huatai rice bran oil production line

  1. Continuous alkali refining can shorten the contact time of oil and alkali, reduce oil saponification and oil loss and improve the efficiency.
  2. 2.Decolorization combines premix and steam mixing decolorization that enhances the decolorization effect and saves the amount of clay. The operation is simple and convenient. The state of negative pressure avoids contact of hot oil with oxygen in the air, ensures the oil quality and inhibits the rise of acid value and lowers peroxide value.
  3. Physical refining adopts the new type of continuous deacidification and deodorization, suitable for plant oil with high acid value and low resin content. Actual production proves that the process has the following advantages: good acid removal ability, good thermal decoloration effect, high rate of refining and better oil quality.
  4. Henan Huatai rice bran oil mill plant has multiple heat exchange that makes full use of the system heat source, effectively reduces the steam consumption. It can also be adjusted with flexible operation, automation, environmental sanitation and so on.
Henan Huatai Cereal and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. has obtained a number of patents in rice bran oil production line, including the production method of first grade rice bran oil refining and complete sets of first grade rice bran oil refining equipment.

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