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Rice Bran Extrusion Section

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Rice Bran Extrusion Section

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Rice Bran Extrusion

Oil-content of rice bran is 14%-24%, it is a low oil-content oil materials. Compared with other oilseeds, it has the following characteristics: High starch content, variety of enzymes, easy to rancidity£»Containing lecithin, bran wax and other colloidal substance; Small density, fine grain, high powder, many varieties. So, Extracting rice bran oil process is very special, it needs the extrusion section.

Rice Bran Extrusion Process

Technology characteristic of Huatai rice bran extrusion section:

1.The process technology of Huatai rice bran extrusion section can make the powder of rice bran become columnar structure of porous and good permeability, increase the density of rice bran, so that improve the seepage velocity of solvent, reduce residual oil of cake;

2. After puffing , extending the refreshing time of rice bran, greatly reducing the acid value, improve the quality of crude oil effectively;

3. The technology of Henan Huatai rice bran extrusion is national patent product, perfect configuration, and it can meet international economic indicators.

Functions of Oilseed Extrusion Machine

Improve the productivity of oil solvent extractor
Increase rate and shorten oil leaching time.
Puffed materials absorb less solvent, so it is easy to dissolve.
Increase the concentration of mixed oil, so decrease the load of evaporation of mixed oil.
Enzymes in oil materials are passivated after puffing, so the quality of leached oil is improved.
The processing capacity of the flaking machine is improved.
Reduce energy consumption in the oil solvent extraction processing workshop.

Technical Data

We have more than 200 running oil processing plant around the world and have extensive experience in oil mill construction. If you are interested in our Rice Bran Extrusion Section, please leave us a message.

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