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Camellia Seed Oil Extraction Machine / Tea Seed Oil Extraction

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Camellia Seed Oil Extraction Machine / Tea Seed Oil Extraction

Type: Our company designs the best program dedicated to extract tea seed cake according to the previous characteristics of tea seed cake, the operation of the equipment is stable and reliable, the steam separation machine is dedicated to the tea seed cake. Its transport equipment adopts the chain of mineral machinery, the service life is once longer than that of the ordinary chain, therefore it will be more durability.

Material Processing: Tea Seed / Camellia Seed

Production capacity: 30-500T / D

The main equipment: Oil extractor, DTDC desolventizer-toaster, First evaportator, Second evaporator peel tower, Dryer, Extraction condenser, Asorption tower, etc.

Application: Extraction of crude tea seed oil for prepressing of high oil material and direct extraction of low oil material at one time such as: tea seed cake, cake coconut, peanut, sesame, etc.

Huatai Oil Machinery tea seed oil extraction plant adopts advanced technology and the best programmed oil extraction method through soaking or spraying tea seed cake pressed by organic solvent. This scientific tea seed oil extraction processing line ensures stable and reliable operation, high oil yield, and low residual oil.

General introduction of vegetable oil – tea seed oil extraction processing line:

¡ñ Scientist designed extracting tea seed oil with high oil yield and low residual oil. Huatai Oil Machinery adopts combed solvent pumps with rotary puller to perform continuous sterilization of solvent on the tea seed cake pressed into the rotary puller interior. The fat can be dissolved in the solvent until the oil is obtained from wet tea seed and miscella in high efficiency of miscellaneous separation. The phospholipid and impurities in the miscella will react after the addition of 10% saline water in the miscella tank to obtain the purification. DTDC desolventizer-toaster separates solvent wet tea seed from tea seed cake.

¡ñ The removal of the solvent in miscella. The miscella extraction tower will remove the solvent in miscella, and the solvent is discharged to the condenser for recycling. The crude tea seed oil is extracted exclusively after the solvent evaporation cools the wet tea seed and miscella to recycle in the condenser.

Usually, tea seed cake have the following characteristics:

1) The moisture difference of the raw material is large, the cake ingredients are complex;

2) There are many straws and it is easy to steam and roast;

3) Easy agglomerate, it is not easy to cut, affect continuous production, affect steam and roast and discharge;

4) The buried scraper load is large, the chain is easy to break;

5) The submerged cake contains little oil, the submersion moisture requirements are strict.

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