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Peanut Oil Press Machine/Peanut Oil Production Line

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Peanut Oil Press Machine/Peanut Oil Production Line

Huatai peanut oil press machine adopt the latest pre-press – oil extraction process technology, at present, this technology is the most advanced in the world, and it makes up for lack of traditional oil press and improve the oil yield, ensure the quality of peanut oil ,improve the quality of peanut meal, to provide a guarantee as high protein forage material.

Henan huatai Peanut oil press machine features:

1, the world’s most advanced oil extraction technologies. The traditional oil extraction are one-time pressing, leading to the oil yield is not high, waste oilseeds, henan huatai use pre-press – oil extraction technology to reduce the residual oil rate of oil cake and improve the quality of peanut meals.

2, the unique environmental initiatives. Oil extraction systems, henan huatai unique exhaust absorption system, absorbing good effect, in line with environmental standards required in many countries, to solve customer worries.

3, reasonable advanced energy-saving design. solvent recovery system in oil extractor are provided, the solvent can be repeatedly used, heat energy also can be repeatedly used, saving the amount of solvent and steam, for customers to save costs.

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