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oil solvent extraction

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Solvent Extraction

The oil flaking pieces/cakes from oilseed pretreatment plant enter the oil solvent extraction plant. Through specific oil extractor, the solid-liquid extraction method is used to achieve full contact between the solvent and the oil, so as to fully dissolve and extract the oil. The miscella and wet meal extracted from the flaking enter the mixed oil evaporation and wet meal desolvation systems respectively. The mixed oil evaporates and the solvent recovery to obtain crude oil. At the same time, the wet meal desolvation system also recovers the solvent in the meal to obtain the extracted meal.

The oil solvent extraction plant generally includes four parts: oil extraction, wet meal desolventizing, mixed oil evaporation and solvent recovery process. After oil solvent extraction plant, the residual oil rate in the meal is less than 1%.

Oil Extraction Process

Oil extraction: Extraction principle is using solvents to extract oil from oil seeds. The commonly used solvent is n-hexane.

Oil extraction machine: rotocel extractor, loop type extractor, chain extractor.

Miscella treatment: Miscella is grease containing oil solvent. In order to remove the solvent in the oil, the solvent can be separated by evaporation and stripping (evaporation temperatures are different)

a. Evaporation: First evaporation, the mixed oil concentration is 70-75%

                           Second steaming mixed oil concentration 85-90%

b. Stripping: Mixed oil concentration 99.8%

Mixed oil treatment equipment: Evaporator, stripper

Wet meal desolvation: To remove the solvent in the meal, using evaporation, drying and cooling methods.

Main equipment: DTDC Desolventizer Toaster


 Solvent recovery: The purpose is solvent recycling and reduce solvent consumption. Mainly involves solvent-containing exhaust gas and wastewater

1. Solvent steam/mixed steam—condensation/water separation—solvent turnover tank

2. Free gas—mineral oil absorption—condensation/water separation—solvent turnover tank

3. Solvent-containing wastewater—cooking—water separation—sewage treatment

4. Solvent recovery equipment – condenser, water distribution tank, exhaust gas recovery system

 Oil Extraction Technology Introduction:

● High efficiency and longer time extraction ensures perfect extraction results. We designs peanut/groundnut oil extraction line with durable stainless steel fixed grid plate and increases horizontal grid plats. This advanced design can prevent miscella in case of flowing back to blanking case and ensures high quality extracting crude oil.

● Strong ability of Desolventizing. Desovlentizer toast can adjust the color, flavor and taste of peanut/groundnut meal, reduce residual solvent, and guarantee the lowest solvent consumption and safety of peanut/groundnut meal.
● Negative pressure evaporation to separate miscella efficiently. The vacuum evaporation technology will separate liquid miscella on basis of different vaporization temperatures with low solvent leakage and consumption.
● Vacuum evaporation with high efficiency de-solvation. The secondary steam of desolventizer toaster together with remaining steam from steam jet pump is being used as heat source, can save energy and reduce condenser configuration area.
● Perfect solvent condensation with low residual oil. Combined with evaporation system, solvent condensation system of peanut oil extraction process line can separate crude peanut/groundnut oil and solvent totally. The gas tail gas goes to paraffin recovery process. Our peanut/groundnut oil extraction machine widely used to extract various kinds of oil materials, like soybean, sunflower seeds,peanut, sesame, rapeseeds, flax seed, camellia, cotton seed, cashew, hemp seed, linseeds, coconut,and all the oil content crops.
We assure the most precise design, high quality Peanut/Groundnut Oil Extraction Machine, rapeseeds oil extraction, rice bran oil extraction, mature project installation, and perfect after sale services.

Huatai Oil Machinery can provide complete set of engineering solutions for 10-5000TPD oil solvent extraction plant and oil refinery, which is suitable for a variety of oil seeds, such as soybeans, sunflower seeds, peanuts, cottonseed, rice bran, corn germ, rapeseed, sesame, etc.


We have more than 200 running oil processing plant around the world and have extensive experience in oil mill construction. If you are interested in our oil solvent extraction, please leave us a message.

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