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Edible Oil Production Line Introduction

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Edible Oil Production Line Introduction

Main Machines for Edible Oil Production Plant
1.we use Screw Conveyor to convey oil seeds and then oil seeds cleaning machine removes the impurities in the oil seeds.

  1. Oil Seeds Roaster
    Hot pressing can reach high oil yield and give oil fragrant flavor. We provide rotary drum oil seeds roasting machine with various capacity.
  2. Oil Press Machine
    screw oil press is equipped with automatic temperature control system and oil filtering device, having both pressing and filtering function. Adopting mechanical pressing methods, the oil is edible without any chemical solvent.We also supply screw oil press for small oil press line.
  3. Edible Oil Refining Plant
    Edible oil refinery equipments are recommended for small oil plant to get high grade edible oil of good color and high quality. As oil yield is different for different oil seeds, the capacity required for refinery will differ too. We supply the capacity of the oil refining plant form 1-2000T .

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