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Copra oil production line

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Copra oil production line

Coconut oil dry process

Peel and shell the coconut to get the coconut meat inside.The coconut meat is processed into desiccated coconut by sun-drying or grinding into powder and dried into coconut paste.Virgin coconut oil is obtained by pressing dry or grated coconut through an oil press.Virgin coconut oil is physically refined to obtain edible coconut oil.

Copra oil production line process:

Copra → Cleaning → Drying → Crushing → Softening → Pre-pressing → Double pressing → Filtration → Crude oil tank → Refining section → Refined copra oil

Copra oil production line

1. Copra transportation: The raw material copra is in block form and is not suitable for transportation by elevator;

2. Crush: Copra is large pieces of dried coconut meat, its size can be 180mm x 100mm x 6mm.

3. Exfoliation: Copra is a material with high oil content. If the rolling distance is too small, it is easy to accumulate oil.

4. Steam steaming and frying: Due to the constant stirring of the steaming and frying pan, the oil easily flows out of the dried coconut and drips along the main axis, causing waste and environmental pollution in the workshop.

5. Pre-pressing: Press the raw materials once to leave 16%-18% of oil in the cake. The pressed cake will enter the secondary press.

6. Second pressing: until the residual oil in the cake is about 5%.

7. Filtration: Filter the oil to make it clearer and then pump it to the crude oil tank.

8. Copra refining section: degumming, neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization to improve FFA index and oil quality and extend storage time.

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