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200tpd cotton oil processing plants

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200tpd cotton oil processing plants

Recently from Uzbekistan, the president of the Association of Oil and Fat Industries Enterprises Oybek was informed that the Bukhari Regional Oil Company in the Peshk region and Irzhiduvan district synchronously produced two modern intelligent cotton oil processing plants with a capacity of 200TPD. The refinery project includes complete sets of cotton oil pressing, extraction and refining equipment developed and manufactured by Chinese Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co., Ltd, which has been successfully commissioned at the same time and year-round processing products, and can now process 250 tons of cotton. a day of oils.
Since its official entry into the Uzbek market in 2017, Huatai Group has so far built more than 40 oil and fat production projects in Uzbekistan, and Huatai Group’s complete set of oil and fat production equipment constitutes 95% of the new equipment market in Uzbekistan; it has actively contributed to the improvement of local businesses. oil and fat processing technologies received unanimous evaluation of experts in the field of oil and fat production in Uzbekistan and made an outstanding contribution to promoting the development of energy-saving and consumption-reducing oil and fat processing technology in Uzbekistan. At the same time, at the 2022 Asian Grain and Oil Crops Symposium, HUATAI Group was awarded the “Greatest Contribution” Award jointly by the organizers and the Uzbek Oil and Fat Industry Association, while Huatai Group Chairman Yan Zipeng was awarded the Uzbek Oil & Fat Association’s Highest Medal of Honor.
Julia Zhang, CEO of Henan Huatai Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. Central Asia Region, said the tree of Sino-Uzbek relations is deepening and flourishing. In recent years, the Group has deepened its cooperation in building “One Belt, One Way”, based on the real needs of the Uzbek market, and has created local offices, after-sales service centers and spare parts warehouses to provide “one nanny” services to local customers, effectively solving their problems and adding color to the picture of a new plan for comprehensive cooperation. between China and Uzbekistan.

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