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Edible oil press good or extraction good?

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Edible oil press good or extraction good?

According to experts, the current international practice is that vegetable oils with higher oil content (such as peanuts and rapeseed, etc.) are usually produced by the process of extraction after pressing; oils with lower oil content (such as soybeans, etc.), The direct extraction process is usually used to make oil. In order to make full use of oil and improve economic efficiency, the oil cake after pressing must generally continue to leach oil.
Edible oil extraction equipment Edible oil extraction equipment
extraction method is an advanced and scientific oil production technology that has long been recognized and commonly used internationally. In the developed countries, edible oil produced by leaching accounts for more than 90% of the total amount. The principle is to use special solvents for fats in oils. The extraction has the advantages of high oil yield and low cost. The edible oil produced by the extraction method is safe as long as it complies with national standards and can be eaten with confidence.
Edible oil press equipment
Pressing method is a method of using a physical press to pull oil from oil by the action of mechanical external force. The press method has strong adaptability, simple process operation, convenient maintenance of production equipment, flexible production scale, suitable for extraction of various vegetable oils, and relatively safe production. Compared with the edible oil pressing process, the edible oil leaching process has the advantages of less residual oil, high oil yield, low processing cost, good production conditions, and full use of oil resources.
It can be seen that both the edible oil produced by the pressing method and the edible oil obtained by the extraction method are safe, and everyone can use it with confidence.

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