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Embossing machine maintenance and accident handling

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Embossing machine maintenance and accident handling

Embossing machine is one of the key equipments of the oil factory, which has high selling price, heavy body and high repair cost. Therefore, in the production process, it is necessary to meticulously maintain it in order to prolong its service life. This is of great significance for increasing profits and reducing costs.
After the long-term operation of the rolling mill, the phenomenon of serious wear on both sides of the pressure roller surface often occurs, thereby affecting the effect of rolling the embryo. Therefore, a certain period of time should be arranged every week to grind the two sides of the roller with a grinding wheel or other means.
If the oil is not well cleaned, stones, small iron and other impurities enter the rolling mill, often causing pitting on the roll surface, resulting in smooth roll surface pits, uneven thickness of the rolled material, affect the oil At this time, the pressure roller must be replaced and the pitted roller should be flattened. The hardness of the pressure roller area increases, turning is difficult.
Embryo machine sometimes does not eat or eat less material phenomenon. Will seriously affect the efficiency of the rolling mill. The large vibration of the embryo rolling mill is an important reason for the pressure roller not to eat. The dithered press roller constantly gives an upward force to the oil, so that the oil is thrown up and dropped by the press roller and always jumps up and down between the two press rollers. When the rollers do not eat material, they should find out the reasons. They must not artificially plan some pits on the smooth roll surface to increase the friction and make them eat.
Broken shaft and roll off edge. In order to guarantee the requirements of rolling the embryo, when the roll flatness increases, the spring pressure is increased. In this way, the bearing is always subjected to a radial force. Once the material flow is not uniform, especially into hard objects such as iron and stone, the two pressure rollers collide, and this instantaneous impact force is quite large. As a result of multiple shocks, the shaft's fatigue limit is exceeded and shaft breakage or edge-off occurs. Therefore, it should be emphasized that the springs used to adjust the rolling distance during operation should not be too tight, do not enter the iron, the flow should be uniform, and do not cut off the material. These are all effective measures to prevent such accidents.

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