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Large soybean oil plant machine made by Henan Huatai

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Large soybean oil plant machine made by Henan Huatai

Introduction to the process flow of soybean oil production line

Generally speaking, soybean oil production capacity and specific customer needs will influence the selection of soybean oil production equipment.

1: Pressing process

Soybean→Cleaning→Crushing→Conditioning→Pressing→Filtering→Crude soybean oil

(2) Process flow description

1) Screening and stone removal process

Cleaning is very important for the oil pre-treatment process. It is necessary to use a cleaning screen to remove large impurities, a magnetic separator to remove metal impurities, and a destoner to remove hard impurities such as mud in the material. Equipped with a suction air net system, it can effectively control the dust of raw materials and ensure the cleanliness of soybean raw materials.

2) Crushing process

After the raw materials are crushed by the crusher, the surface area increases, which facilitates the transfer of temperature and moisture during steaming and frying, and improves the steaming and frying effect.

3) Conditioning and tempering process

The function of conditioning is to adjust the moisture and temperature of the oilseeds so that they have a certain degree of plasticity, making it easier to separate the oil from the embryos during pressing;

If you process 1-10 tons of soybeans every day, the integrated screw oil press is an economical and cost-effective choice. At the same time, in order to increase the oil output, we will equip a drum wok before pressing to heat the oil to a temperature suitable for pressing.

2. Solvent extraction process flow

Soybean pretreatment → solvent extraction → crude soybean oil

If the daily soybean processing capacity is more than 10 tons, a complete soybean oil production line is a more suitable choice. The complete soybean oil production line mainly includes soybean pretreatment equipment, soybean oil solvent extraction equipment and soybean oil refining equipment. Soybean pretreatment equipment is used to clean impurities in soybeans. At the same time, through crushing, softening, rolling and other processing processes, the temperature and moisture of soybeans meet the extraction conditions, so that the extraction efficiency will also be improved.

The oil content of soybeans is relatively low (15%-22%). In order to obtain more oil and achieve considerable economic benefits, soybean extraction method is generally used to produce soybean oil. The extraction method is mainly an oil production method that uses solvent oil (hexane) to fully soak the treated soybeans so that the oil in the soybeans is extracted. After extraction, the residual oil rate in the cake is generally less than 1%. Cake can also be used to process animal feed.

Soybean oil refining equipment is used to process the extracted soybean crude oil. Through the degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization sections, harmful and useless substances in the crude oil are removed, thereby improving the storage stability of soybean oil and making the color and smell of the oil meet the standards of edible oil.

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