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Palm oil production

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Palm oil production

The palm oil is obtained by pressing the fresh palm fruit.Palm fruit into a bundle of growth, each bundle about 20-30kg weight contains 1500 to 2000 fruit.Farmers pick the palm nuts by cycle and must be transported to the factory on that day.The quality of palm oil depends on the integrity of the palm fruit bunches, palm fruit once the damage will be rapidly deteriorated, thus affecting the quality of palm oil.
The main products of the palm oil press are the palm oil and palm kernel, the processing capacity of about 60 to 100 tons per hour of palm fruit bunch.For crude palm oil, the general to go through sterilization, threshing, cooking, pressing, washing, purification, drying and other processes.
For palm kernel, after the separation of the press, but also through the fruit / fiber separation, nuclear quenching and tempering, broken nuclei, nucleolus separation, palm kernel drying process.

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