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Animal oil negative pressure refining

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Animal oil negative pressure refining

Compared with the old refining pot, our company developed a new vertical negative pressure melting pot to heat the oil (or steam) as the heat medium, adopt fully enclosed low-temperature vacuum extraction, Energy-saving environmental protection, no odor, environmental compliance. In the vacuum state of the production of low peroxide value of oil, low acid value, nice color, fragrant, large profits.

Training method: usually used for animal fat processing, animal fat by high temperature brewed, the organization of lipase and oxidase can be destroyed. After the grease even after a small amount of residue there, the oil will not rancidity. Therefore, the training method in the health that is a more perfect processing methods. However, the temperature should not be too high, the time should not be too long, otherwise it will make part of the decomposition of fat, fat in the amount of free fatty acids increased. And the temperature is too high to make animal tissue coking, affect the sensory properties of the product.

The device is suitable for: lard oil refining equipment, Chicken oil training equipment, duck oil training equipment, butter training equipment, fox raccoon oil equipment, sheep oil refining equipment, and other animal fat refining. Is currently the most advanced animal fat production equipment.

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