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Butter oil refining equipment

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Butter oil refining equipment

Product Description:

As cow breeding scale, a large number of animal fat stay by large meat slaughter and processing enterprises.In response to national environmental protection call, our latest research and developmentcomplete sets of butter oil equipment, using new technology equipment will be extracted from animal oil and made of refined lard. Huatai machinery butter equipment sold at home and abroad, Henan, Chongqing, Shandong, Anhui and more to install a number of model projects.

The environmentally friendly animal oil refining equipment processing line: meat, transportation, sub-materials, cooking, oil residue separation, filtration, refining the crude oil, refining.

Refining processinclude dephosphorization, degumming, dehydration, deodorization, deacidification, decolorization and other treatment.

Nutritional value of butter:

1, butter is a rich source of vitamin A, and easy to absorb.

2, butter is rich in trace elements, especially selenium, which is a strong antioxidant. Minerals

3, butter contains a considerable amount of butyric acid (butyric acid), it can be used as the energy of the large intestine.

4, butter has a small but balanced proportion of the human essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

5, butter contains the necessary to maintain intestinal health, brain and nerve development of cholesterol.

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