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Capsicum red pigment extraction equipment

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Capsicum red pigment extraction equipment

The main ways of extracting capsicum red pigment is oil soluble way, solvent extraction way and supercritical extraction way. Oil soluble way, the separation of oil and pigment is difficult, difficult to get a thick pigment; Investment of supercritical fluid extraction equipment is large, high operation technical requirements, difficult to promote. So Solvent extraction way is widely used in the world .

Solvent extraction method can be divided into the impregnation method, diacolation method, reflux extraction and soxhlet extraction method according to the operation mode,

Before extracting, these methods must crush the pepper into powder, high operation cost.

In addition, the residue after extracting also remain much pigment, the product has high content of impurities, refined cost is expensive, poor availability of residue.

Henan huatai improved the equipment according to the disadvantages of solvent extraction method , developed a processing scheme of high efficiency, high extraction efficiency, low rate of residual rate and low cost, has already been used in many places, obtaining the customers high praise.

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