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City life garbage sorting equipment

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City life garbage sorting equipment

With the development of social economy and the high concentration of urban population, the output of MSW is increasing rapidly. Earth, our beautiful home is being surrounded by rubbish. The huge amount of municipal solid waste discharged and the diversification of its components not only bring serious environmental pollution problems, but also bring a wide range of social problems, but also bring about the waste of resources. According to the United Nations published on the status of global solid waste management of the city of forward-looking report, by 2025, the world’s solid waste management by the United States and the United States, the world’s solid waste management, The annual output of domestic waste will reach 2.2 billion tons, the annual cost of garbage management will increase to 375 billion US dollars. Our company independent research and development of municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment sorting equipment (basic), mainly by the 2H-1600-type domestic waste hydraulic ram equalizer, garbage block crusher, FL-1500 plastic impurity separator, 2Z- 1200-type grinder, GD-1500 type of organic refinement sorting machine, multi-box sorting machine, 1400-type two-stage impurity separation machine, FL-1600-type plastic impurity separator, HG-1500 multi-layer dryer , FL-1400 plastic impurity separator, automatic hydraulic balers and mechanical transmission devices and other equipment.

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Equipment Process Introduction:

Our company’s self-developed municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment technology and equipment adopt the concept of “divide and dispose, sort and use” of waste disposal, through advanced balance system, crushing system, separation system, drying system, transmission system and Application system, so that the effective separation of garbage components, disposal and use, truly garbage harmless, resource utilization and reduction of treatment. The process has the effect of sorting, high degree of automation, to achieve volume reduction, reduction and harmless comprehensive treatment at the same time, to maximize the use of waste resources, is currently the most advanced municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment process equipment, To fill the gaps in the domestic waste-free selection of equipment, to achieve the city life garbage turning waste into good results.

At present, our company has a number of comprehensive treatment of municipal solid waste inventions and practical patents, the company’s production of municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment equipment completely with independent intellectual property rights. Its advantages and advantages are mainly in the following four aspects:

1, sorting effect is good

The municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment equipment technology can effectively separate the waste plastics, waste rubber, waste cloth, scrap metal, brick and impurity and so on in the domestic garbage, the purity can reach more than 95%, especially for plastics, rubber, Clothing and other ingredients of the sorting rate can reach more than 98%;

2, a high degree of automation

The whole set of equipment for the municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment adopts the core technology of independent intellectual property right, automation and intelligence. The whole process adopts video monitoring, remote operation and closed production, which makes the garbage disposal unattended, safe and environmental friendly. No pollution;

3, to maximize resources

The municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment process not only has high sorting purity, but also can be sorted out many kinds of sorted refuse components can be directly used in the production of organic fertilizer, building materials, fuel oil, metal recycling, and then widely used in agriculture Production, industrial power generation, residential heating, urban construction and other aspects of the national economy;


Comprehensive treatment of municipal solid waste treatment capacity, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, fewer personnel, and the amount of equipment supporting the versatility, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, long service life.

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