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Corn deep processing

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Corn deep processing

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There are three main methods of corn embryo extraction: dry method, wet method and semi-wet method.
1. Dry embryo extraction
The dry embryo extraction method directly uses mechanical methods to separate the skin, embryo and endosperm of the corn without adjusting the moisture. This method has simple process, low energy consumption and no pollution, but the embryo extraction efficiency is low and the embryo contains a lot of endosperm.
2. Wet embryo extraction
Wet embryo extraction involves soaking, crushing, and degerminating corn, and then separating the embryo and starch through a hydrocyclone separator. This method has high embryo extraction efficiency, but corn processing machinery consumes a lot of energy, pollutes the environment, requires large investments, high production costs, and a long investment recovery period.
3. Semi-wet embryo extraction
The semi-wet embryo extraction method uses the difference in moisture content and water absorption between corn germ and endosperm, as well as the difference in elasticity, toughness and crushing strength after water absorption, to crush, peel and degerminate the corn, and then sort out the germ. This method has high embryo extraction efficiency, low energy consumption and no pollution, but requires high investment in equipment.
2. Deep processing application of corn embryo extraction
After the corn embryo is extracted, it can also undergo various deep processing. For example, germ can be processed into high-nutrient products such as corn germ oil and corn germ meal. At the same time, the remaining corn after embryo extraction can also be processed into biological feed for use in animal husbandry.
1. Corn germ oil
Corn germ oil is a highly nutritious oil extracted from corn germ. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and other nutrients. Corn germ oil has health effects such as lowering blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular diseases. It is also an important raw material for high-grade edible oil.
2. Corn germ meal
Corn germ meal is a high-protein, high-fiber feed ingredient extracted from corn germ and is rich in a variety of amino acids and minerals. Corn germ meal can be used as the main protein source for livestock and poultry feeds, and is also an important feed ingredient in aquaculture.

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