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Cottonseed Protein Dephenolization Equipment

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Cottonseed Protein Dephenolization Equipment

Cottonseed Protein Dephenolization Equipment is Huatai patented product, which mainly include low temperature pretreatment section, oil extraction of cottonseed oil section, cotton cake dephenolization section, etc.

Our company second extraction dephenolization technology is two kinds of solvent extraction to extracting cottonseed oil and gossypol step by step, to ensure oil quality and gossypol thorough desorption. And can guarantee the free gossypol reach less than 0.04% , has reached the international standard (WHO/FAO/UNICEF international organization regulations, the consumption level of the free gossypol of cottonseed protein content is less than 0.06% ).At the same time it can remove cottonseeds aflatoxin during storage . After oil extraction section, directly on the wet meal dephenolization, reduces the consumption , avoid the cottonseed protein denaturation, and ensure the stability of product quality.

Cottonseed Protein Dephenolization Equipment capacity£º100-1000T/day

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