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Crude Oil Refinery Section

Oil Refining workshop main process:

Decolorization, dewaxing, deacidification and deodorization. Mixed oil through oil refining plant to get the final product, edible standard or industrial standard.

Oil Refining workshop technology :

Huatai Oil Machinery has different types oil refinery equipment for different size oil refinery plant, we can manufacture full Continuous oil refining equipment, semi-continuous oil refining equipment and batch-type oil refining equipment.


Oil refining equipment of Huatai Oil Machinery advantages:

1.Continuous alkali refining shorten the contact time of oil and alkali liquor , reduces fat saponification, low consumption, improve the efficiency.

2.Decolorization using the combined technology of premixed and steam mixing decoloring, improve the efficiency of decolorization, save the amount of clay, operation simple and convenient; negative state avoid oxygen in the air contact with hot oil, ensure the product quality, inhibition of acid value rise, lower peroxide value.

3.Physical oil refining using new type of continuous deacidification and deodorization, suitable for deacidification and deodorization of high acid value, vegetable oil with low colloid content, the practical production shows that the technology has the following characteristics : deacidification ability strong, hot decoloring effect is good, High oil refining rate, product quality is good, etc.

4.The process use multiple heat exchange, full utilization of heat energy, reduce the steam consumption ,At the same time the production process can be adjusted, flexible operation, high automatic degree, enviromental health etc.

Oil refining workshop application :

Soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, Rapeseed Oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, palm oil, copra oil, rice bran oil, animal oil all refined oil.

Production capacity of refining workshop:10-1000T/day

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