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LSS Type Conveyor

LSS Type Conveyor

LSS Type Conveyor through a powerful rotating steel screw conveying material, can effective transfer all sorts of non sticky material , easy to agglomerate, fiber powder and other large, aggregate and a small piece of material. LSS Type Conveyor design can effectively prevent the blockage of the spiral shaft and the effect of entanglement. The advantages of this design is able to make the conveyor is more convenient to transport materials of different size. at the same time, LSS type conveyor is more flexible and can be installed in the ground or hanging under the floor boards, multipoint discharge and feed, can make the horizontal transportation, also can small Angle to transport.

LSS series conveyor features: stable and reliable operation, good tightness, no dust, hanging device adopts wear-resisting nylon sleeve, no noise. .it is the ideal equipment for material conveying for all sorts of non sticky materials, easy to agglomerate, other powder outside of fiber ,aggregate and a small piece .

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