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Complete Maize Milling Plant

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Complete Maize Milling Plant

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Complete Maize Milling Plant

Maize Milling Processing Steps

1. Raw grain cleaning section: one screening, one stone removing, one magnetic separation. Equipped with winnowing system, it can remove the big and small impurities.

2. Peeling and degerming section: it adopts the process of twice peeling, once polishing, twice screening and once fine section.

3. Corn grits section: it adopts the technology of fine grits making, flour brushing, screening classifying and suspending.

4. Flour milling section: it adopts the technology of several times of grinding and screening.

Grinding: the material enters into the grinder and is ground into fine flour.

Screening: it separates the fine powder from the material.

5. Measuring and packaging section: the warehouse can reduce amount of labor. The measuring package can adopt manual method or electrical method.

The core equipments in the maize milling plant include Pre-cleaner, Vibrating Sifter, Gravity Destoner, Peeling Machine, Polishing Machine, Degerminator, Germ Extractor, Milling Machine, Double Bin sifter, Packing Scale, etc.

Best Maize Milling Machine Manufacturer

Huatai Maize Mill Machine Advantages

1. A Leading Maize Mill Manufacturer in China.

2. Whole maize plant layout design.

3. Field installation, commissioning and free training.

4. Supply free quick-wear parts with machine when delivery.

5. Lifelong Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service.

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We have more than 200 running oil processing plant around the world and have extensive experience in oil mill construction. If you are interested in our Complete Maize Milling Plant, please leave us a message.

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