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MC Type Bend Scraper Conveyer

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MC Type Bend Scraper Conveyer

MC Type Bend Scraper Conveyer

is a kind of specially designed conveyor for oil plant. Flexible configuration of 0-90 degrees lift to make wet meal in oil plant is convenient and efficient transmission, favored by customers.

Advantage of MC Type Bend Scraper Conveyer:

1. Wet meal bending machine for oil extraction workshop, the whole structure is simple, improve Angle 0-90 °, flexible process arrangement.

2. The head tail wheel are split structure, convenient disassembly and maintenance;

3. The chain process by overloading welding curved plate chain, shaft pin, chain plate, blade, have the characteristics of high strength, good abrasion resistance.

4. The doctor-bar has special ultra-high molecular wear-resisting material, avoid friction between the conveyor chain and scraper shell, effectively reduce the running noise and can prolong the service life of equipment.

5. The tail with fixed guide rail type tensioner, head face set solvent discharge valve, low failure rate, good sealing, easy to operate, easy to maintain.

6. The machine appearance, lifting capacity, good sealing, long service life, low energy consumption, low loss rate.

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