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MS Type Scraper Conveyer

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MS Type Scraper Conveyer

MS Type Scraper Conveyer

use non-metallic wear-resistant materials as the main wear-resisting layer, enables the efficient transport various kinds of tray or powder materials. This welding hand chain buried scraper conveyor is widely used in feed, rice, flour mills, oil plants, grain depot, port, etc.

MS Type Scraper Conveyer features:

1. Our MS Type Scraper Conveyer has simple structure, flexible configuration, can effectively convey various materials, convenient disassembly and repair installation.

2. MS type scraper conveyor with heavy welding bending, special processing of axis and to ensure the high strength conveyor chain plate.

3. Huatai high wear-resisting material blade assembly, can improve the service life of the equipment.

4. MS scraper conveyor equipped with multiple safety device, can guarantee the safe and effective

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