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MU Scraper Conveyer

MU Scraper Conveyer

MU Scraper Conveyer

provides efficient horizontal or inclined conveying. It is widely used in feed mills, wheat flour, rice, grain and oil factories, ports and other industries, etc. Compared with other manufacturers of scraper conveyor, henan huatai production scraper conveyor has significant characteristics:

1. Simple structure, flexible configuration;

2. The scraper conveyer with high-strength wear-resistant material conveying blade with semicircle shape, similar to the “U” channel part, can realize automatic cleaning effect, improve the efficiency of delivery, save time and effort;

3. The design of the bush roller chain conveyor chain to achieve the low transmission power loss, flexible operation, energy saving effect.

4. The scraper with ultra-high molecular wear-resisting material, avoid direct friction between the conveyor and scraper shell, reduce running noise, prolong the service life of equipment.

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