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Multi-effect Evaporator

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Multi-effect Evaporator


It's applicable for evaporating starch milk, honey, whey, fruit juice, tomato juice, malt extract, sugar, invert sugar, biological engineering, environmental engineering and waste liquid recovery and treatment. etc.


Use of falling film evaporator with multiple effects ensures high energy efficiency & is ideal for concentration of heat sensitive products, with low scaling tendency.


Equipment characteristics:


1. Material: SS304 or SS316L;

2.Full closed process, fast and low temperature evaporation;

3.Inside pipesaremirror polishing seamless sanitary pipes, so material is not easy to paste on the pipe all, it's easy for cleaning;

4.Low steam consumption: 1kg steam can evaporating 3.5kg water;

5.Low evaporation temperature:part of secondary steam can be inhaled into single-effect heater through spray type hot pressure pump,this would make full use of the heat and the evaporation temperature is low.

6.Large concentration ratio: adopt falling film evaporation, which make the material liquid with larger viscosity be easy to flow and evaporate, hard toscale, short concentration time, the concentration ratio can reach to 1:5.

7.This equipment can realize automatic production, intellectual system management, which is in conformity with GMP standard.

8.Can be designed into different technological process according to the different characteristics of the materials , also can according to different users' requirements equip with automatic control system.

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