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Oil Solvent Extraction System

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Oil Solvent Extraction System

Oil extraction section main section:


oil extraction system, desolventizing and toasting system, evaporation system and condensation system.

Main theory is to use appropriate solvent extract oil from oilseeds embryo, then remove the solvent in mixed oil.

Our oil extraction process technology to produce mixed oil without any chemical solvents, and can remove the tail gas directly, benefits environment protection.

Oil extraction machinery of HUATAI Oil machinery advantages:

1.Using negative pressure evaporation, high oil yield, oil cake is good quality

2.Design of extractor has large capacity, is conducive to improving oil yield, increase efficiency, reduce costs

3.The design of oil extraction system can be free adjusted according to different oilseeds and the desired output and process effect, simple and reliable

4.Unique tail gas absorption system, environmental protection and high efficiency;

5.Sufficient energy saving design, use many times for heat, saving the use amount of steam, low energy consumption.

Oil extraction worksh op application:

The pre-pressing cake, machine-pressed cake, flakes, expanded feed, all the low oil content oilseeds.


oil extraction machine

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