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Poultry Feed Mill

Poultry Feed Mill

Poultry Feed Mill has lower cost of breeding animals and it can always eat the most fresh and nutritious feed, pellet feed processing become the focus of attention for the user. Henan Huatai not only manufacture professional oil production equipment, oil extraction equipment and oil refining equipment, but also produce professional sets of feed processing equipment to provide users with one-stop professional equipment service.

Poultry Feed Mill: the reception and storage of raw materials, cleaning (impurity), crushing, packaged ingredients, mixing, granulating, cooling, crushed, grading, storage and issuance of product packaging. Some have special requirements for the production of feed needed to configure the liquid added, before curing, after curing, after spraying, expansion, puffing, drying and other processes.

Henan Huatai engineers will be configured the best solutions and equipment for the production line according to the specific needs of customers for our customers , while ensuring that the feed production process to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements and minimize pollution.

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