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Rice Bran Polysaccharide Extraction Equipment

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Rice Bran Polysaccharide Extraction Equipment

Rice bran polysaccharide extraction equipment capapcity: 1-50T

Rice bran polysaccharide exist in rice caryopsis cortex, is not yet been one of the main nutrients of in-depth development and extensive application at present .Rice bran polysaccharide and hydrolysis, is a kind of complex heteroglycan, xylose, mannose, rat lee sugar, glucose and galactose, arabinose composition .

Rice bran polysaccharide obtained by different extraction process can be a variety of rice bran polysaccharide, they all have significant biological activities and health functions, not only there is the general polysaccharide or dietary fiber has physiological function, but also the anti-tumor, fall blood sugar, cholesterol and enhance immunity and other functions.At present, rice bran polysaccharide extraction process technology mainly has three kinds: microwave extraction, boiled hot water extraction, ultrasonic extraction.Advanced countries in the world use high and new technology of deep processing and comprehensive utilization of rice, the rice resources value-added significantly,generate huge economic benefits.Using the rice bran can extract nutrients rice bran oil, rice bran nutrient, rice bran polysaccharide, rice bran peptide, etc.In a variety of rice bran processing products,rice bran polysaccharide has good economic and social benefits,can make the rice bran added 50-100 times, greatly improve the value of rice bran.

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