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Sunflower Oil Extraction Machine

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Sunflower Oil Extraction Machine

Golden sunflower seed oil, refreshing texture, it contains vitamins A, B, D and E, and rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The basic process: sunflower seed leaning—shelling—crushing—cooking—pre-pressing—sunflower oil extraction by solvent—sunflower oil refinery—-filling.


Technology configuration of Henan huatai sunflower seed oil extraction machine design process depending on customer requirements and customers budget, under normal circumstances, process engineers will configure the latest technology to customers.


Our sunflower oil extraction machine process characteristics:


1, using henan huatai patented technology oil extractor, adopt different oil extractor according to different capacity, good penetration effect, wet meal containing dissolved low, residual oil meal ≤ 1.0% in less solvent, increasing the mixed oil concentration, reduce in the amount of solvent evaporation;

2, Huatai oil extractor compact structure, easy to transport;

3, the use of heat exchangers heat recovery, save energy and heat.

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