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TDTG Self Clean-up type Bucket Elevator

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TDTG Self Clean-up type Bucket Elevator

Henan huatai

TDTG Self Clean-up type Bucket Elevator specialized in continuous vertical conveying grain device, small occupation area, large Conveying capacity, low power consumption. TDTG Self Clean-up type Bucket Elevator are suitable for all kinds of powder, fine and coarse vertical transmission, in oil, feed, flour, starch and other industries use wide spread. My company developed TDTG series bucket elevator frame using the self clear-up structure, can guarantee the material less residue; Using centrifugal unloading, sealed performance is good, stable operation and durable.

TDTG Self Clean-up type Bucket Elevator features:

1. The first round plate used to wrap glue process, increase the coefficient of friction, prevent the belt from skid and wandering, improve the transmission efficiency and save the installation time , reduce the breakdown maintenance cost

2, the head is equipped with a non-return device, can prevent plugging material because the elevator belt scram reversal .

3. engine base use self-cleaning arc bottom structure, to ensure that the tail wheel and bottom groove gap control residues.

4. Use high strength plastic winnowing pan or steel winnowing pan, with high intensity, coefficient of full big:

5, configuration maintenance door, watching CAI, explosion and dust exhaust, attached with speed, running deviation, prevent and axle temperature detecting device and security protection.

6, beautiful shape, large lifting capacity, good sealing performance and long use life. Low energy consumption, low material breakage:

7. Widely used in all kinds of gauge the size of the feed mills, flour mills, rice, oil and grain depot, port terminals, etc.

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