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Urban food waste oil treatment equipment

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Urban food waste oil treatment equipment

Due to the high water content and perishable of food waste, making it a special kind of solid waste. Food waste of China urban development is still a major problem. In view of this situation,through market research, our engineering staff proposes the use of food waste system glycerol, oleic acid, stearic acid and animal feed and other new technology can be recycled.

Urban food waste oil treatment process: the first selected size pigwash impurities, and then separating means for separating different impurities were stored;Pigwash mixture was pulverized, washed with water, and washing the separated solid and liquid by centrifugation.After solid-liquid separation,liquid send to the centrifugal separating deviceto separate of oil and water, separated biodiesel production from waste cooking oil is used as feedstock, recycled use of water; for solid-liquid separation after pigwash be formed into meal, used in the preparation of feed ingredients, enabling pigwash industrialization process

Urban food waste oil treatment equipment features:

1. The process is simple, advanced, and convenient.

2. The device implements the comprehensive treatment and effective utilization,not only prevent contamination pigwash urban environment, but also make full use of the pigwash resources to prevent waste of resources.

3. Good prospects and can produce huge economic and social benefits.

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