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Vertical ring die pellet machine

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Vertical ring die pellet machine

Vertical ring die pellet machine

Equipment description


It is mainly for pellet producing from straw,sawdust,rice husk,peanut shell,bamboo sawdust,palm,etc.


Gearbox:adopting the high-precision gear drive,with automatic hydraulic oil circulatory system.

Vertical motor:working vertically and making the machine run with greater power and stability.

Fan system:removing dust and eliminating steam.

Work parts:the die and the roller adopt alloy steel material.Their hardness can be up to 50.The mode of working is extruding from inside to outside with centrifugal and extrusion force.The pellet mill adopts 4 to 8 rollers,increases the extrusion frequency and capacity. Double-layer ring die can use the same diameter at the same time to increase the work parts'life,and also use two kinds of diameter,saving the cost of the ring die.

Main parameter

Vertical ring die pellet machine

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