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Wheat Scourer-Model FSM

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Wheat Scourer-Model FSM

Product feature and structure:

¡ñMain function is to brush clean wheat grain surface with extra polish

¡ñUnique rotor blades equipped with long brushes

¡ñRotor blades form a spiral profile for material convey from inlet to discharge

¡ñBolt on rotor blades for quick replacement and maintenance

¡ñStainless steel woven screen

¡ñRotor dynamic rotating balancing to ensure steady operation

¡ñLaser cutting applies to sheet metal components for quality and accuracy

¡ñCarbon dioxide gas shielded welding workmanship

¡ñCNC machining centers ensure precise fabrication

¡ñPowder coated parts and components for best quality and duration

Technical Parameter

Wheat Scourer-Model FSM

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